We love the 1960’s era of music, the Everyly Brothers, the Supremes, the Crystals and individual artists like Patsy Cline, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Leslie Gore, Bobby Dee, Dion and the Turtles, Buddy Holly and just too many to keep listing, but we can tell you some songs we have included in our sets.

Crazy, Walking After Midnight, Dream, Dream, Dream, Teenager in Love, Yellow Bird, Catch a Falling Star, 26 Miles, Boardwalk, Come and Go with Me, Ma Ma Said, He’s So Fine, Crying, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Don’t Say Nothin Bad about my baby, My Boyfriends Back, Tonight You Belong to Me, I’ll Be Seein You You, Old Cape Cod, Come Softly, Johnny Angel, Johnny Get Angry, Leavin’ It Up to You, Then He Kissed Me, The NATIONAL ANTHEM, to Know, Know, Know, Him, Chains, Soldier Boy, Just a Little, So Fine, Sentimental Journey, and so many, many more……


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